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You are surely far away from my reach. Nevertheless, I greet you with a digital handshake. Welcome. Thanks for visiting.

This portal is a progressive initiative to document my contributions in the area of research, academics, filmmaking and business. I doubt whether it’s valuable for all visitors, but for my students and counterparts this website is noteworthy. I shall certainly remain with heads-high that my works are exhibited blatantly through this platform as open-access. No login is required to download any piece of record here. But please make use with sense of relaying.

Valliappan Raju

My Contributions in the Area


Several drops of commendations have been arrived since the time I met adroit researchers who prescribed its value and outcome. I wish this journey in World of Research continues forever


Right from inception of my career, am proud to be in Academic oriented environment. Teaching materials, research papers, ideologies etc. are placed here for student’s convenience.


Not just Entertainment but films are one among significant medium for communicating to World at large. Reviews written here are based on technical aspects of the film. No offense please.


Developing a revenue model is no joke. Developing sustainability in revenue is still more serious. Areas in IT, trade, education, energy etc. are concentrated.

Online Learning Course Materials

Valliappan Raju is a Lecturer, Researcher, Author, Entrepreneur and an Economic columnist. He is a proud Indian to teach acolytes of multiple nations by holding myriad qualifications to serve as lecturer.

He has the credibility of publishing 58 research papers as Principal Author (until Oct 2017) and one of it was about Qualitative Academics at Australian Academy of Business Leadership at Sydney. He teaches Economics, Marketing Management, Strategic Management for Master degree students and Advance Research Methodology for PhD students in Limkokwing University at Malaysia. Media Arts & Science College in India was founded by him in the year 2009 and with stern burns it was later merged with Vels University. It’s an awful failure. Expensive lessons from it were treasures which became a research topic for his Doctoral study later.

Vally has setup a firm viz. ‘Sol Deus Ventures’, a business entity to initiate his passionate projects in the field of publishing, skills development, alternative energy production, event management, trading etc. This website merely belongs to him to document his works. Reach him at me@vallyresearch.com for any enquiries.

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